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Delivering promises,community within surrounds of KSL Bandar Bestari can finally enjoy everything within the doorstep. The iconic retail entertainment center will served your needs for shopping and dining experiences that truly makes you spend most of the time, in here. 


KSL Esplanade Mall is a lifestyle and event driven Shopping Mall with great emphasis on F&B, fashion and entertainment. Detailed research and planning on the right trade and tenant mix responsive to the needs and expectations of the target market were carried out to ensure the mall is catered to satisfy the needs, wants & desires of the catchment population.

Not only that, KSL Esplanade Mall also were created to meet the everyday needs of the catchment while delivering high quality customer service and experiences. It caters to the surrounding catchment areas consisting of the affluent middle upper income population, young adults, professionals and their families.

KSL Esplanade Mall is a project by Khoo Soon Lee Realty Sdn Bhd, an award winning developer from Johor Bahru which owns and operates KSL City Mall, and KSL Hotels and Resorts in Johor Bahru.

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To gather people from within and in between


Finally you don't have to travel far to enjoy great shopping and excellent dining experiences. In KSL Esplanade Mall, We making everything as amazing as we can,  just to ensure this place will becoming your favorite socialization hub.

We also believes that our Shopping Mall have the potential to become the “third space“, that being the social surroundings aside from our own home and workplace where we like to spend our free time.